Discipline the mind

With this message from Maitreya, I will teach the Asta Shil (8 Morals) to eradicate the 3 poisons all over the world by The Most Venerable Dharma Sangha:1. Do not discriminate against human beings on the basis of their caste, religion, gender, color etc. 2. Do not humiliate the DHARMA by making comparisons of superior and inferior. 3. Do not accept philosophical doctrines or principles that are discriminatory. 4. Do not discriminate among nations by thinking of and treating them as enemies and friends. 5. Give up the attempt to convert virtue into vice and vice into virtue and avoid exaggerating, blaming and belittling others. 6. Never practice the TEN NON-VIRTUOUS ACTIONS or other sinful activities. 7. Practice morality, concentration and wisdom, and dedicate your life to serve the nation and society. 8. Attain the perfect Enlightenment, or, liberation for oneself and other beings.